The style of martial arts that we teach is Olympic Taekwondo which is a great all round martial art.


Martial Arts in Peterborough & Evolution TaeKwonDo


There is a long tradition of Martial Arts in Peterborough and some of the UK’s best competitive martial Artistes come from the city. Evolution Taekwondo was established in 2003 with a vision of bringing Olympic Taekwondo to the community of Peterborough.  Evolution TaeKwonDo has grown from a small martial arts club in Peterborough running out of leisure centers to becoming one of the UKs largest Olympic Taekwondo Academies (Peterborough Martial Arts academy)

Our full time facility has 250 plus child and adult members based at our full time center, Peterborough Martial Arts Academy.  With over 30 Martial Arts classes a week for different age groups and abilities, Evolution Taekwondo takes pride in the quality of tuition and the welfare of its students. We have been teaching Martial Arts in Peterborough since 2001 and have produced some incredibly talented athletes.We care about the standard of Martial Arts in Peterborough and work hard to adhere to preserving the hight standerd that has come out of the city of Peterborough.

The Martial arts Club is very friendly and actively encourages all family members to try Martial arts.  In addition to this we also teach in schools around Peterborough, the work place and also work with local law enforcement.  Evolution TaeKwonDo is proud to have had such an impact on so many lives across the East Anglia region.

The chief instructor David Trower has now been practicing Martial arts in Peterborough for over twenty five years and is extremely proud of the work evolution TaeKwonDo has done within Peterborough and the community’s that Peterborough Martial Arts Academy serves.


Peterborough martial arts academy is a fully matted gym for the member’s safety. It has all the equipment needed to conduct fantastic classes.  All equipment is checked regularly and meets all safety standards.

Peterborough Martial arts academy also has a coffee shop that sells refreshments and confessionary and a Pro-shop for all your equipment needs. If you are thinking of trying Martial Arts in Peterborough, we always offer a FREE taster session in all our Martial Arts Programs.

Meet the Team

  • David

    I started practicing Taekwondo in the early nineties and knew from my first lesson that it would have a huge impact on my life.  I believe the instructors that took me from white belt to black belt were and still are the best in the UK and I remain very close with them.  I formed Evolution Taekwondo in 2002 when my instructors moved away from Peterborough and have loved passing on what they showed me as a teenager and a young adult.  The club has gone from strength to strength and has grown to become one of Peterborough’s largest martial arts groups.  I feel very lucky to have had a fantastic team grow around me and the club, not just instructors but admin staff and volunteers which all make for a better experience at the academy.  Over the years I feel immensely proud of the impact Evolution Taekwondo has had on so many lives in the community, to see my students go from white belt to black belt and to see some of them even becoming instructors themselves.  I look forward to seeing what the club can achieve over the next 20 years.
  • Sam

    Back in 2004, I walked into my first class with Evolution Taekwondo and ever since then Taekwondo has played a major part in my life. It has given me so much confidence in myself and the club has provided me with some fantastic opportunities. During my first year of training it became my life ambition to go to the Olympics and in 2009 I was given the opportunity to work for the club, allowing me to train on a daily basis. This has given my dream a chance of becoming a reality. Working with Evolution has been a dream job as I have a chance to teach my passion to others, work with some fantastic people and provide others with the same opportunities that I was given.
  • Steve

    I started back in 2004 with no prior knowledge of what Taekwondo was and now it’s like I can't live without it. Ever since my first lesson I have gained so much such as life skills and the confidence to search for new limits. It is a fantastic experience to learn new things, practise the art and a great opportunity to help teach it. The team has given me huge amounts of support over the years from the moment I walked into my first class. Now I can experience what my coach felt when seeing students progress and achieve great things and know that we were there to lend a helping hand. It puts a smile on everyone’s faces and it’s just brilliant. I could not have asked for better people to work with.
  • Ferris

    Taekwondo has changed my life and it is definitely my favourite sport. From the process of being a student to an assistant instructor, I have gained more self-confidence, improvements in communication skills and leadership as well as physical fitness and abilities. I appreciate everyone at Evolution for giving me the opportunity to train and work with them. Evolution is like a big family, perhaps even a second home to me and many. As a student here I have experienced the kindness, happiness and the positive atmosphere of the club, and every day I look forward to come to the club and it has made my life brilliant. As an assistant instructor, my goal is to let all the others to experience the same I have had, and I would like to see them to achieve more and get even further than myself.
  • Anya

    I have been doing Taekwondo since I was five years old and I think that it has played a huge part in shaping who I am now; both within Taekwondo and in other aspects of life. During the many years of studying Taekwondo, I have trained at various different clubs but Evolution Taekwondo has, without a doubt, been the most rewarding and given me the most opportunities. I started helping out part-time at Evolution over a year ago and since then have loved seeing other students excel and thoroughly enjoy themselves. The friendly and relaxed environment has ensured that newcomers from all walks of life (including myself) feel comfortable the moment they come through the door.