Fewww… Just finished another Fantastic lesson of taekwondo!!
Anyway, Hi my name is Mariana, keep reading to hear my story about why I joined Taekwondo and why I love it so much! Enjoy!!

It all began when my dad was driving along, then suddenly he saw this colourful, eye catching sign that said, “come join our Martial arts club!” He thought that it would be awesome if I tried it out, so when he got home he told my mum about what he had seen. Then he asked me if I would like to go to one of their trail lessons and I was so excited. I really wanted my own black belt that I would work hard for (and to show those boys in school who’s boss!)

On my first try out lesson I was a little bit nervous, but the instructors were super kind. From the moment I started I fell in love with this incredible sport, so after the lesson had finished I told my parents that I would obviously love to join! Gradually as I went on I made super good friends with 2 girls. As I went on even more we made a little girl group and became best friends for life. Even though we all met around three years ago, we are still best friends till this day!

The reason I love this sport so much is because it’s not only fun but it teaches you co-ordination, discipline and more. Everyone there is super kind, you feel like they are your second family and you can always trust them. Some people may think that Taekwondo is mainly for boys but it is also for girls too! It teaches you self-defence (only when you really need to use it) and is also really fun.
The instructors keep you on your toes with different exercises and laughs every minute.

I have been training in Taekwondo for about 3 years now, and my dream of becoming a black belt is nearly a reality! ( only have to wait until July!) When I am angry or upset and I go to taekwondo I can all my emotions out on the paddles or the dummies .Taekwondo gives me this magnificent felling inside, it is really hard to describe, but it just makes me feel free and takes stress away. All and all Taekwondo is great and I really can’t wait to get my very own black belt!!!!!

So that’s my story about why I joined Taekwondo and why I loooove it so much!

By mariana

Peterborough martial arts

Mariana’s story