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Evolution TaeKwonDo are to start a new Black belt only class at their full time Peterborough venue (Peterborough Martial Arts Academy). The new program will cover all aspects of traditional TaeKwonDo and Martial Arts, including self-protection and competition Poomsae (patterns) training for those eager to compete in the Poomsae division at competitions. As you are aware the success of the school has been fantastic and this has meant that our intermediate and advanced programs have been at maximum capacity for some time. The object of the new program is to not only give the Dan grades (Black Belts) a class of their own, allowing them to continue improving their TaeKwonDo skills, but also to free up space and instructors attention in the advanced class to give the Kup grades (coloured belts)  more space and attention. The staff and instructors at Peterborough Martial Arts Academy feel that the new program will be a fantastic opportunity for the schools Dan grades and would encourage all Dan grade members, regardless of age, to attend the new program; held on Friday evenings at 6:45 finishing at 7:30 (may run over on occasions).

As the new program will be covering traditional TaeKwonDo and Martial Arts, we are going to allow the new style TaeKwonDo Poomsae uniforms to be worn which a lot of you have been asking about. (See details below for the uniform you or your child would use) the cost of the uniform will be around £40 depending on size and this exciting new class will be absolutely free!

Peterborough Martial Arts Academy is hoping to create the majority of Evolution TaeKwonDo’s Demo Team from the Friday evening sessions which will add a lot of fun and creativity to the class. When this aspect of the training is coupled with competition Poomsae training and self-protection, it gives the students more purpose and something to aim for, especially if the student has little interest in sparring competitions.

The new class will start on September 4th and will run on a trial basis for the first six weeks; however, providing the sessions are well attended we will continue to run the classes.

I personally feel this is an amazing opportunity and really hope to see you all there in September enjoying the benefits of your well earned Black belts.