Peterborough Martial Artists Take on Snowdonia

Peterborough Martial Artists Take on Snowdonia

On 3rd September a team of 17 Martial Arts members from Evolution TaeKwonDo in Peterborough attempted to climb 10,000 vertical feet in the Welsh Mountains in just one day – that’s equivalent to a third the way up Everest!!


They had brilliant support from Peterborough martial arts academy that (covered the cost of fuel) and Hawthorn Community Primary School from Peterborough that covered the cost of the minibus as well as hundreds of donations from the Far East to America.

Snowdonia greeted them with some ferocious weather on Challenge Day and, for safety reasons the trek leader decided at around 6pm in fading light, high winds, driving rain, and with a two hour descent still ahead, to abandon the attempt on mountain four. This headline, however, belies the huge effort that we saw from a team exposed to driving rain and high winds for over 16 hours straight. Whilst the team was obliged to return to Peterborough early on Sunday, one of the team members, Nikki Evans, stayed on to climb the elusive fourth peak and, on behalf of the team, declare the challenge complete.

Peterborough martial arts academy would like to recognise and thank all of our generous sponsors for a remarkable sponsorship tally of £9000, which will be donated to Marie curie cancer care – thank you so much!!

Peterborough martial arts academy is now looking for our next challenge and charity to support. If you have any suggestions please post them on our Facebook page.