Peterborough Martial Arts Academy Christmas Party

Peterborough Martial Arts Academy Christmas Party

Evolution Taekwondo hosted the first of many yearly Christmas parties and boy did they celebrate with a bang. The Peterborough based Martial Arts Academy, happily welcomed all club members and their families to the unforgettable night.

Held at the Powerleague in Stanground (Peterborough), by a prompt 7pm the first guest’s started arriving, the DJ was fired up, everybody was looking the part.

Upon arrival with over 150 members kindly contributing with plates of hot food, pizzas, cakes, chocolates and so much more. We certainly did not expect as well as the rest of the members to bring so much food back home, cakes for breakfast the next day anyone?  Wow, put me down for next year.

By 8pm the party was “alive and kickin” the kids quickly integrated with those in different classes, I myself got drawn to a game of TIG and a dance off as did other parents.

It has also been the perfect opportunity for us parents to socialise and meet really friendly and interesting new people.


It was just gone 8pm however, that the doors opened and immediately caught our attentions.


HO, HO, HO! How about that…

The Peterborough Martial Arts Academy Christmas Party, received a surprise visit from the big red guy himself.

“Mr Santa Clause”.

peterboroughg martial arts xmas party




A que was quickly formed in front of Santa by the waiting children who approached him impatiently one-by-one , however I seem to have caught a few glimpse of the older members and mums and dads all coming to see Santa and collecting chocolates and sweets.

Cuddles given and photographs taken with Santa wow, the kids loved him roll on next year!


Around 10pm the DJ revealed a secret “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM”, one of the clubs instructors.

Sorry Sam… A stampede quickly fled to the dance floor, a “congo line” was formed which Sam led around the venue. I can honestly say we all had a blast; there was something for everyone.


As a welcomed friend  of Peterborough Martial Arts Academy and parent of a member, we as a family would like to thank you for a brilliant night and look forward to see you all next year and highly recommend it to everyone who could not make it this year.


Merry Christmas x