Peterborough Martial Arts In 2014

Peterborough Martial Arts In 2014

Evolution TaeKwonDo & Peterborough Martial Arts Academy has started of the year with a bang. As I write this post we are having a brand new heating system fitted in both halls just in time for the cold spell. This will make the martial arts gyms more comfortable for spectators and help students warm up quicker.

Peterborough martial arts get new heaters


We have now decided to take Ivan on full time to give more support on the mats. I’m sure you will agree Ivan is doing a fantastic Job and all the members (kids and adults) have really warmed to him. We have also taken on a part time administrator to help myself spend more time on the mats teaching.

Competition team

As you know our style of Martial Arts is full contact Olympic TaeKwonDo and is not for the faint hearted. We don’t and won’t do full contact in the regular sessions as we understand it is not for the majority of our members. For this reason we hold regular sparring sessions on Friday nights to accommodate those that are interested in competing. Our aim is to take more members to more tournaments at a national level this year and an international level next year. We would also like to host our own competition by the end of this year. If you are interested in doing competitions but not sparring we are also looking to get a patterns team together to start training in February. These sessions will be once a month but for 2 to three hours at a time. If you are interested in ether sparring or patterns and would like to attend any of these sessions please talk to myself, Sam or Ivan for guidance.

peterborough martial arts sparring team


Plans for growth

Peterborough Martial Arts Academy has been lucky to grow into the club we are today by 90% recommendation. We have done a handful of promotion days but have never really pushed our marketing efforts. This year we are going to promote the club more with a view to eventually opening a second Do-Jang. But in the short term more members will result in more classes and more opportunity’s to train (we are thinking Fridays and weekends) a second Martial Arts centre will also provide the same opportunity’s that Sam, Ivan and myself have had from Peterborough Martial Arts Academy for others. This might happen quicker than first expected as we are only into the 3rd training week of the years and have already had 22 new members join.

We are always looking for feedback from our members, positive and ways we can improve our service to you. If you would like to give us feedback please email me at [email protected]

David Trower