Peterborough Martial Arts winter grading

Peterborough Martial Arts winter grading


On Sunday (the 8th of December 2013) Evolution TaeKwonDo, based at Peterborough Martial Arts Academy held their last grading of the year and what a fantastic day it was. Every group really performed well and showed true martial arts spirit throughout the day.

The martial arts grading kicked off with the tiddlers performing verities of basic martial arts moves (kick, punches and blocks) and generally having fun while learning the important life skill of performing under pressure. The instructors however made them feel as relaxed as possible and all the children from the active start program went home with a new belt, certificate, a packet of sweets and a sense of achievement.

The younger children were then followed by the older martial arts enthusiasts in the junior programs giving it their all at the Peterborough based martial arts centre. Once again the juniors showed the examiners their basics (kick, punches and blocks) followed by one for one kicking, martial arts patterns and finishing with some martial arts sparring (light contact).

The examiners were particularly pleased with the juniors in the intermediate class. All the children seemed to really be in tune with one another when performing their patterns and their martial arts basics where fantastic.

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The TaeKwonDo grading was a fantastic Christmas present for the instructors at Peterborough Martial Arts Academy and they all agree the standard was the best of the year.

Chief instructor David Trower would like to congratulate every one that took part in the grading and to wish all of the members at the academy a very successful 2014


Courtesy of martial arts in Peterborough