Spring Sparring Camp

Martial Arts in Peterborough

Evolution Taekwondo is pleased to announce that this April we will be holding a sparring camp at Peterborough Martial Arts Academy during the Easter holiday for selected students. The camp is a four day event, starting on April 14th and will last for three hours per day. We believe this is a great opportunity for junior members to excel and progress towards achieving their goals in the Olympic discipline of Taekwondo, whilst having a great time.


Should you choose to enroll your child into the camp you will need to provide them with refreshments and have them at the academy at least 5 minutes before the start time (children can be dropped off and picked up). As this camp is purely sports based the participants can just were tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a t-shirt if preferred, however they will need all of their protective equipment. The cost of the camp is just £30 for the week, however each child doesn’t have to attend every day but there is no discount for this. The camp is limited to 20 places and will work on a first come first served basis.

Days Date Start Program Finish
Day 1 14/04/14 11am Agility, ply metrics & 1st bleep test  2pm
Day 2 15/04/14 11am Strength & fitness  2pm
Day 3 16/04/14 11am Team building and conditioning  2pm
Day 4 17/04/14 11am mat craft, sparring & 2nd bleep test