The style of martial arts that we teach is Olympic Taekwondo which is a great all round martial art.



This program is aimed at your 3-4 year old little monsters. It gives them a chance to have fun whilst at the same time learn new skills and help develop their co-ordination and balance. We will teach the basics of Taekwondo through fun games and drills letting them blow off steam. Parents are also actively encouraged to join in, helping your child to learn and, who knows, maybe learn a thing or two for themselves.


Is aimed at 5-6 years old. The purpose of this program is to introduce young children to martial arts and fitness and aims to improve their fine motor skills through play. teaching them the basics of taekwondo and the importance of fitness while also teaching them life skills such as manners, etiquette and discipline in a fun, friendly and safe environment with all the help and support they need.


Children aged 7-12 will join our exciting foundation program. All budding martial artists will be given a chance to learn both the traditional aspects and values of Taekwondo as well as the fun and fast paced Olympic sport. Most students will be in the Foundation program for up to 9 months, giving them all the basic knowledge of Taekwondo before they advance to our Intermediate program.


After our students achieve the rank of green tag, they are now ready to step up to the intermediate classes. Here they will be able to begin to learn the more advanced Taekwondo techniques whilst still having fun throughout their lessons. After another 9 months to a year, our intermediate members will achieve their blue belt and progress onto our advanced class.


This program will take our members up to their black belt and beyond. Honing their skills throughout the lessons, students will also continue to learn new exciting aspects of Taekwondo. During this program, we begin to see the makings of our instructors of the future and maybe the next Olympic champion.


All teenagers and adults aged 13+ will attend this program. Whether you are looking to have a bit of fun with a bunch of friendly people or do some serious training in an Olympic sport, this program is for you. We offer traditional, sport and self defence lessons to cater for all needs and abilities.